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Dumo Lulu – Briggs Youths Foundation(DYF23) is a non partisan organization, which was founded in 2014 by some Rivers State Youths. Their ideology was togetherness, bringing youths together and preaching the gospel of peace.

Registered in Nigeria, DYF enjoys an unflinching benevolence and support of a very rare States-Man in Nigeria Chief (Barr.) Dumo Lulu-Briggs, after whom the organization is named. He also doubles as the Grand Patron to the organization.

Our Aims and Objectives:

* To help in the positive development of youths while serving as a rallying point for youths in Nigeria generally and Rivers State in particular.

* To help in the campaign against anti-socio vices and youths restiveness in the society.

* To encourage active participation of the youth in the leadership processes in the society.

* To serve as a platform for youths enlightenment, while offering selfless services to humanity in general.

* To encourage the youths into entrepreneurship at a young age and prepare them to take the future.

Our Mission

To build youths that can be worthy ambassadors in all ramification.

Our Vision

To help build a Rivers State and a Nigeria where the youths play a front line role in leadership.

Our Motto/Slogan

… Repositioning the youths for a better tomorrow!